Monday, June 11, 2007


Just like how it is really hard to find a contemporary bluesman more authentic then Alvin "Youngblood" Heart, its just as hard to find a more authentic contemporary classic rock and roll band then Vetiver.

If you are like me, and believe rock died in the very early 70s, you will immediately fall in love with these guys. Vetiver really captures that innocent, authentic spirit that got lost when rock and roll became rock. There was a warmth in music back then that got lost to the pretentious electric guitar solos of the 70s, and then totally buried in the synthetics of the 80s. Thank God we are past that now, but nowadays music is all about production values, and in the quest for getting that perfect, pure tone, much of the life gets strangled out of music.

For those of you with sharp eyes, yes, that dude on the far right is Devendra Banhart. He was pretty much a member of the band for the first two albums, and still will often play with them if they are touring together (which regularily happens). Listening to their music is always a real pleasure; full of warm, pleasent tones, backed by etherial, introspective vocals.

Ironically, these guys remind me alot of the Velvet Underground, although they have an incredably different sound. I think what it is is a true authenticity, and a love of the 60s that shines through in everything they do. I highly recommend this album to pretty much anyone. I uploaded the Between E.P because of the variety of songs, and the first and last songs are two of my favorites by the band.



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