Saturday, August 19, 2006

Old Crow Medicine Show

I think it is high time for some new music, don't you? And no, I don't mean nickleback, I'm talking about a band keeping that ol' time appalacian sound alive, Old Crow Medicine Show.

These guys were discovered by the legendary Doc Watson while busking outside of a pharamacy, and have been rocketing skyward ever since. While not exactly virtuoso musicians, they are plenty good enough to play bluegrass, which is not an easy style to play. What they bring that makes them so unique is their age. These are young guys who should be playing at being rock stars, but you can tell in every single note how much they love the old sounds. You get all the old classics, from CC Rider to Hesitation Blues, and also some new stuff, such as the incredably wonderful Wagon Wheel, which grew from some fragments on an old Dylan bootleg.

Generally I ramble on and on about bands I love, but there really isnt too terribly much to say about these guys, as their story is just beginning. The album I uploaded is their live album, which is really the only way to listen to bluegrass. Generally, they are the first thing I go to when someone says "I hate country". Enjoy!



john said...

Please what is pass for Old Crow medicine show. Thanks

google_ninja said...

sorry bout that, alot of the older archives have instead of

just add the /, and it will work (hopefully)


john said...

Thank You so much. Pass worked by adding /. Love this Group. Keep up the good work. Take care John

Kosminen Tee said...

Thank you! Sounds very, very nice:)