Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Andy McKee - The Art of Motion

I have been a bit hesitant about posting some of the stuff I have recently been listening to, as it is quite new, and the artists really need to make money. I decided for it simply because many people don't even know music like this exists, and if you get hooked on it like I have, these guys will get plenty of money from you. The prices are more then fair at 10$ an album (mp3 download) at I highly recommend both Andy and Antoine DuFour.

I have alwas been a huge fan of fingerstyle guitar, more so then lead stuff on electric, and strumming on acoustic. Flatpicking is wonderful, but for me, fingerstyle is pretty much my favorite way to play the instrament. Well, there is a whole new world of acoustic fingerstyle happening as we speak, with some of the most talented guitarists the world has ever seen.

Andy Mckee cut his teeth on stuff like Joe Satriani, really hardcore lead guitar, until he got introduced to this kind of music. He realised the alternate tunings, harmonics, two handed fretting, and percussive body and string slaps was the kind of thing he wanted to do, and traded in his electric for an acoustic. He is now one of the leaders of this new style of instramental music started by a fellow named Don Ross.

In recent times, the world has really had an obsession with the whole singer/songwriter phenomenon. The problem with that, is that what is deep and meaningful to one person, is pretentious highschool poetry to another. Unfortunately, we've gotten far too much of the latter. But for some reason, the movement continues, to the point that people don't consider you a musician unless you write "meaningful" songs. This stigma is very new, back in the day there were performers, writers, and performers who wrote. If you go even further back, you have the whole classical music thing, where you had composers, not writers.

This style if music is insanely hard to play, and singing would be insanely difficult. Not only that, but there really is no need, andy is so incredably emotive and at times, downright verbal, that you dont need a human voice to be moved. Now, don't get me wrong, as I have mentioned before, I love Bob Dylan. There are notable singer/songwriters, but that doesnt mean thats all there is. At times, I like to hear a story with my music, at other times, that isnt what I want at all (when I'm working, reading, have company over, thinking about something else). At these times, I throw on andy mckee and ride the groove.

As I said before, the prices are very reasonable, and these are not huge artists with multi-billion dollar contracts. They are also not artists who died a century ago. So please, if you like the music, head over to and buy some albums. If you like andy, check out Antoine DuFour (he is even better technically then andy, just alot less mellow), Robert Taylor, Don Ross, and Erick Turnbull. All those guys are just stunning.


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