Tuesday, June 19, 2007

10000 hits

Wow. Thats all I have to say. Wow.

Great job guys, looks like there is actually something like a readership developing on this blog :)

To celebrate, next upload will be some Velvet Underground, hands down my favorite rock band ever, and the creators of some of the most creative and interesting music ever made. I've been waiting till I was in a VU state of mind to do a writeup on them justice, recently I have been getting back into them, so now is the time.


Iris said...



Puntitos... said...

google drive me here...and I stay... reeding about Vetiver I found you have pretty good taste in music. I will come more often

Ulysse said...

You don't deserve:I'm deleting.Too inconsistent.

highbrowser said...

what a spoiled sport. lol

Nate said...

Please upload more Dave Van Ronk!