Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beirut: Gulag Orkestar

About time I actually put something new up. Sorry for the delay, I have been absolutely insanely busy recently, and will do my best to be more regular in the future.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in support of this blogs eclectic (sometimes schizophrenic) format. Its nice to knowthat your work is actually being appreciated by people out there.It wasnt until I stopped listening to the radio and started downloading stuff that I actually learned to love music, and anything I can do to help people along in their own journey of musical appreciation, I consider to be time well spent.

Now, on to the show. Beirut is a delightful little gem I ran accross about six months ago. For those of you who are elephant6 fans, they have that wonderful, eastern bloc folk/ marching band sound that NMH managed on their instramentals. For those who don't have any idea what I am talking about, just think the aimelee soundtrack, with a bit more intensity. While the lyrics arent really anything to write home about, the vocals will propel you into a different place and time. The lead singer is just a kid, but as one reviewer put it, he sounds like "a sixty-year-old man, on a porch sipping vodka." While his lyrics fall very far short of the genius that is Jeff Mangum (NMH), his voice is at least as good, if not better.

Beirut is everything that I love about indie music, people taking music to unexpected places, blending old and new sounds, or just making everything up as they go along. I highly recommend this download to pretty much anybody, I guarentee it will end up on your playlist more and more as time goes on.



laggashoebox said...

This was a real find - thanks for putting me on the track!
There are some great live recordings with the band on Dime.

Miss F said...

Hi there. It's great to disc0ver your bLog~ I really appreciate your write-ups. They're well written apart from the spelling- and it doesn't matter really-as long as u get message across! ) and well thought-out.

I like these kinds of blogs- more personal and homey, it's like you get to know the person behind the blog.

I'm not much into indie ("the real stuff" sez you) but I have discovered SOME that I absolutely love. Instead I devote my time and energy to the classics, those that stood the test of time, but since discovering your blog I think I'll listening to some contemporary stuff. *^__^*

Warm greetings from the Philippines! Mabuhay~

enjoying the tropical weather and mangoes,

google_ninja said...

Thanks for the kind words Fredda :-)

I love music, and I spend a large portion of my time listening to it, thinking about it, playing it, and expanding my horizons. The problem is I don't know anyone in my part of the world that really gets my taste. I have some friends I can talk about things like Joanna Newsome with, and others I can talk about stuff like Guy Davis with, but the crossover is pretty much non-existant.

So that is primarily why I do this blog, because I genuinely love music, and love to pass along good finds, and partially because its hard to find people who apreciate the same stuff that I do in the real world.

As for the pompous sounding remark about indie ("the real stuff"), what I mean by that is that everyone doing mellow garage rock nowadays calls themselves indie. If you are into that kind of music, more power to you, but I like the independant music that isnt signed to major labels because its too wierd to fit in with mainstream tastes, not because the band just wants to be hip.