Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog Changes

As you may have noticed, theres been a few changes here at fourth string, third fret.

First of all, I was getting real tired of that blogger template (what is 897, and why are those numbers all over the place?).

I have had a few complaints about the idiotic thing I used to do with font sizes My excuse is that many of those posts were written at 800x600 resolution, where it looks fantastic. However, at 1024x768, or even worse, 1280x1024, its friggin tiny. So I went through all my old posts, and fixed the font sizes (although I kept my oh so professional humungafacation of the first letter).

There was also that awful, pretentious thing I had in the About Me thingie on the sidebar. First of all, I wrote that five or six years ago, when I was significantly more angst filled then I am now, and secondly, This blog isn't about me, it's about the music I listen to. So instead of about me, I just put the intraductory post to this blog.

Last but not least, it seems like there are alot of people reading this blog. I never really realised, until I accidentally changed the archive password from the old one to what it is now. Suddenly, I got a flurry of emails from every post that had the old password. So, now theres a counter, and we'll be able to see just what kind of traffic we get here.

Anyways, If you guys have any comments or suggestions, feel free to, you know, comment. ;-) Hope you are enjoying it so far, next I am going to put up a radio show featuring Joanna Newsom, an absolutely wonderful harpist, with an extremely unique voice.

- The Google Ninja

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