Saturday, February 10, 2007

Devendra Banhart: Rejoicing in the Hands

Its definately time for some more psychedelic folk stuff. For those who don't know him yet, but are into indie/psych folk, Devendra Banhart will be a real gem.

Im a big fan of psychedelic songwriting, because its highly enjoyable no matter how many times you listen to it, just being carried away by the imagry. Also, it really leaves itself open to interpretation, which is really what art is all about. Typically, singer/songwriters go for introspective emotional prose, which can be good if the person has talent, but most of the time it is angsty, self-indulgant drivel. Devendra however has the soul of a poet.

The man is an absolutely delightful guitarist, his classically based fingerstyle technique is rather unique, and is a great complement to his voice. People like him can end up being real downers, but you cant listen to certain songs (for example; The Body Breaks, This is the Way, Rejoicing in the Hands) and consider him to be a downer.

Rejoicing in the Hands is, in my opinion, his best album. Its actually well produced and recorded (unlike his earlier stuff), and there is a level of refinement to his voice that wasnt there on his first records. His latest album (Cripple Crow) is also fantastic, but the reason I didnt post it is because, while being incredably eclectic (everything from 60s rock to Bossa Nova), there isnt much of what makes Devendra Devendra.

Been getting into alot of what is being called "Freak Folk" recently, expect more posts real soon of similar content.


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Justin said...

If you are into indie/psychfolk you have to know Devendra already!
Nice blog, just downloaded Rejoicing Hands :)